Sunday, February 1, 2015

Resuming blogging

A good friend of mine reminded me recently that I have a blog and was wondering if I was ever going to use it again.

And I decided that I should, but in doing this, I asked myself why I hadn't blogged for over a year and its basically because I have found Facebook easier.

However, Facebook has one serious drawback and that is it's not searchable (well it is, but it's painful to search), where as if I'm looking for something I've blogged (which I do regularly), it's so much easier to find.

SO .. back to blogging.

I last wrote in my blog on the 31 Dec, 2013.  That's 12 months ago.  The last 12 months have been, on the whole, great.  Both girls settled into their new schools well, made lots of friends and did really well academically.

Miss 11 was awarded her class' All Rounder award (and received a $30 gift voucher) and Miss 13 received her year's Japanese, Maths, Woodworking and Music awards, in addition to the Principle's award and the Community Service award, these came with gift cards to the value of $60.  We ended up redeeming the gift cards a couple of days back, Miss 11 bought a very nice Dr Who book and Miss 13 used the cards towards a smartphone.

Miss 11 will be starting her last year of Primary School tomorrow and Miss 13 will be starting her second year of High School on Tuesday.  She is really happy that she now gets to choose her electives and she will be doing Specialist Music, Japanese, Textile Crafts and Woodwork.  She will also be in the Advanced Maths class (which she is REALLY looking forward to).

The challenge this coming year will be to help Miss 11 get into the High School of her choice.  She wants to join the Specialist Agricultural Course at a not-so-local High School.  This involves an application and panel interview.  I'm not sure of the exact dates yet, but will call the school in a few days to find out the process.

In addition to school, Miss 11 is still horse mad and this year will start Pony Club, she also wants to join the Fire Cadets and carry on with her squash and also do music lessons.  (So busy year for her).  Miss 13 will continue with Fire Cadets and the Cello and hopes again to join the school band and choir again.  She will also do Fire Running later in the year.

Over the summer break both girls did swimming lessons and Miss 11 has now finished level 13 and Miss 13 was awarded the Bronze Medallion (level 16).

I'm still working for the same company and enjoying it.  I will have been there three years in March - wow, doesn't seem that long.  Hubby is also still working for the same company, coming up on a three year anniversary too.

One of the highlights of the last year was the SHOT Show.  This is the first time we've had a gun show in Western Australia and it was a great day out (well two days).  As a result of the show we bought two new guns in the last year but not fired them yet L  Unfortunately, the air pistol's front sight was missing when we got it, so I'm waiting for a replacement to arrive before taking it to the range.

Other than that not much has happened over the last year J

Here are some photos:

Miss 11 Class Award

Miss 11 Horse Riding

Miss 13 Maths Award

Miss 13 Fire Running

Girls' Targets from SHOT Show Air Pistol Range

New guns

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 ...

2013 was a busy year ...

It started off with the Scout Jamboree ...

We had multiple visits to potential high schools for Miss 12 .. ended up enrolling her in one that we hadn't planned on, but we think it's the right choice.

We've decided to move Miss 10 from her current school too, to the local public one.  It's in walking distance and again we think this is the right decision for her.

Both girls have had a great year - Miss 10 has done really well with both her horse riding and squash.  She will continue with both these passions in the coming year.

Miss 12 tried out many new things and did well in them.  Moving forward she'll stick to Fire Cadets and Fire Running as her main activities.

Work for me has been pretty quiet, but the upside to this was that I got to work from home a lot - with the occasional trip over east.  I have enjoyed what I have done this year but am looking forward to more client contact in the coming year.

I also started a Diploma in Project Management as a distance education student.  I am enjoying the challenge and am looking forward to finishing it in the near future.

There have been other challenges and changes through out the year but all-in-all I have to say that it has been a good one.

And I'm looking forward to the new challenges that 2014 will bring.

Wishing all my blog readers a safe NYE and a great 2014!!!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013

We're spending Christmas at Carnamah with Shooting Buddy.  On Christmas Eve the temperature hit 39.7C outside (and I'm guessing today is about the same).

So rather than a hot Chrissy day lunch we did a cooked meal for Christmas Eve Dinner and a cold spread for Chrissy Day itself.


Miss 10 & Hubby
(Yes she always pulls funny faces)

Shooting Buddy & Miss 12

Tucking into Mains

Modeling Christmas Presents 

Then on Christmas Day the excitement continues

Miss 10 with her presents  

And Miss 12 with hers

Christmas Day Lunch

I hope all my blog readers had a wonderful Christmas Day too with their friends and family!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Photos ...

Miss 12 receiving the coach's award for effort at Fire Running

With the perpetual trophy and the one she gets to keep.

Wind up for Fire Cadets:

And Miss 12 trying out a helicopter flight simulator ...

Yep life has been busy!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Congratulations to Miss 12

Today was the Graduation and Awards Ceremony at my daughters' primary school.

Miss 12 was awarded the Scitech Science Prize:

Congratulations!  We are very proud of her.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Normally I'm not a fan of "participation medals" ...

as that is because that is normally ALL that is awarded.

However, at Miss 12's fire running junior state championships this weekend they gave out awards and medals to those who came first, second and third.  In addition to those they gave all the other kids "participation medals" AND I think each and every kid earned them!

We needed to be at Fremantle at 7.30am on Saturday.  It took about an hour for everyone to get organised.  The competition started with a march past and then speeches from a few dignitaries.

The first event started at 8:45am and Miss 12's team was first up!  There are a range of events over the two days.  Some of them are for teams of 4, others for teams of 2 and then there are individual events.

Miss 12 competes in the Junior category for the team events and as a Sub-Junior for the individual events.

The events involves some combination of fire hoses and hydrants.  There is also just a hydrant race, where they run like anything with the hydrant and connect it into a hole in the ground.

The initial events were all "dry" events, but by the afternoon they were using water and spraying it at targets.

Saturday finished around 4pm.

Sunday was pretty much the same, down there at 7.30am and the events finished around noon.  Then there was the presentations etc.

I didn't go down to watch on Sunday - hubby did -  I was helping Miss 10 with her homework and caught up on the washing.

On the Saturday we also had Shooting Buddy come along and OldNfo - which was a special treat.

I was very proud of Miss 12 and her team.  All of their runs were "clear" (if you don't do a connection correctly or move the elements out of the markings on the ground etc you will have a non-clear round and no points will be awarded for it).

Here are a couple of photos -
Connecting the nozzle to the hose

Picking up the hose

Putting the hydrant in


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Road Trip

Well I have just been on one of the best road trips since I was married (and that was a long time ago).

The first leg of the trip was from home to Shooting Buddy's place in Carnamah.  As this is a 3.5hr drive we stayed overnight there before heading to the property which is East of Paynes Find - see "A" on the map.

The property is in what is known as "Station Country".  It is approximately 551,300 acres in size and covers some of the most spectacular country I've ever seen.

Here's some photos:

There were also a lot of animals - can you spot the two kangaroos in this picture?
Or the three in this one?
Then there were the emus:
In addition to the animals there were lots of lizards -
This is one of the bigger ones we saw.  Unfortunately the smaller ones didn't hang around for photos.

The scenery during the day was spectacular and at night the sunsets were also fantastic -

Although it wasn't wildflower season there were a few flowers around, this one was my favourite
There were also a number of old structures on the property:

This is a well -
And this is called the "Camel Camp", where the camels used to be broken in -

We self-catered and the food was good :)  Here's breakfast day 1:
Lunch -
And for a yummy snack - Yabbies -

We didn't end up doing much hunting - but we got four rabbits that I'm looking forward to eating!

All in all a GREAT holiday and the place we stayed (Narndee Station) is highly recommended.  The station managers (John & Judy) are lovely, generous people and we had a great time with them.

One of the most amazing things about the trip is that between the time we left Paynes Find (Friday lunchtime) until we returned there (Monday mid-afternoon) we did not see another vehicle on the roads.  We must have traveled over 500kms between these two events and there was not another vehicle at all.  That was a bit of an eye-opener to the remoteness of the place.

Oh, and if you're looking for a good feed, you can't go past the Steak Burger at the Paynes Find roadhouse.